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About us

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It is our vision to create a society in which every person has access to the proper education, prevention and treatment of arterial hypertension and all other factors of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and renal risk. We want to achieve a society in which the prevalence of this most common chronic non-infectious disease will be efficiently reduced, and in which this insidious disease will be efficiently controlled in order to decrease the risk of heart diseases, stroke and other complications related to high arterial pressure. More precisely, it is our vision to promote awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle so that together we can create a better future for the entire Croatia.



It is our mission to unite members of the professional and scientific community, civil society, and any legal and natural persons who wish to participate in the fight against the “number 1 killer globally”, and we are succeeding in that! The mission of the Croatian Hypertension League is to increase the awareness of Croatian citizens about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and taking responsible care of their health. Moreover, we do not wait for patients to visit an outpatient clinic, health centre or hospital, but rather reach out and provide preventive examinations practically at their doorstep, aiming at a timely discovery of the risk factors present, pre-existing organ damage or unrecognised morbidity. Several thousands of people have been examined as part of our public health actions. We are also continuing to move toward the aim of becoming a central hub for the scientific and professional community in order to provide the most efficient information about arterial hypertension, its causes and fatal consequences, as well as the possibilities for its prevention and treatment, taking into account evidence-based facts.

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