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What is the Croatian Hypertension League?

The Croatian Hypertension League is an umbrella organisation dedicated to the fight against arterial hypertension, the main factor of cardiovascular, cerebral, and renal morbidity in Croatia

The research studies titled “Epidemiology of hypertension in Croatia (EH-UH 1)” indicate that 37 per cent of the population suffers from arterial hypertension. This is especially concerning because arterial hypertension often presents without symptoms, and it is the main factor in various conditions such as heart attack and stroke.

This is why the Croatian Hypertension League fights against this “silent killer number 1” by organising public health actions and providing education to raise awareness about the harmful behaviours that increase the risk of arterial hypertension (“The Hunt for the Silent Killer”). In addition, the Croatian Hypertension League serves the professional and scientific community by providing a platform for the exchange of information about arterial hypertension (HealthMed, Arterial hypertension curriculum).


Promotion of the profession

We have covered all levels in order to promote the prevention of arterial hypertension.

The professional public is given access to the most recent scientific and professional studies, articles, recommendations, and other relevant information through the HealthMed platform.

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Hunt for the Silent Killer

As part of the ongoing public healthcare project, “The Hunt for the Silent Killer,” we are organising a series of free physical examinations across Croatia, primarily in the more remote regions where healthcare is not as readily available as in the cities. Tens of thousands of people have already undergone examinations, and were warned about the consequences of arterial hypertension and informed about the steps they can take, namely changing bad lifestyle habits and closely following the advice of physicians and other healthcare workers in order to preserve their health.

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The purpose of the League is continuous education, impactful action, and enabling positive changes.

About the h-league
Bojan Jelaković


Bojan Jelaković

About the h-league
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A cooperation charter was signed between KIFOS and the Croatian Hypertension League



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"70/26" and "Do You Know Your Number?" have been introduced

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